What I can do for you

My work is founded on the principles that computers should be clear and simple to use, and that the internet should be accessible to all.

Services I offer include, but are not restricted to:-

  • guidance for those new to computers
  • setting up email, internet and home networks
  • advice on computer security and safe use of the internet
  • trouble shooting when things aren't working as they should
  • Apple Macintosh and PC platforms
  • website development and maintenance for individuals and companies

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.
For further information on the development of websites, see my web development page.

Who I am

I am a qualified IT professional with a long and varied history in information technology.

My first job was with ICL 5G (5th Generation) Systems, working on the European Declarative System project, a massive pan-European parallel computer database.

I went on to study Physics at Heriot-Watt University followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems from Napier University. During this Diploma I expanded my interest in Human Computer Interactions and user friendly interfaces.

I have since worked as a software engineer, developing payroll applications using COBOL for IBM 390 mainframes and IBM AS400. I have also engineered the Graphical User Interface of the payroll systems using Smalltalk.

Throughout my career I have continued a personal interest in different operating systems including Apple Macintosh, Unix and mainframes.

Following a career break to raise my family, I set up Clear Lucidity to further my beliefs that computers should be simple to use and websites should be cleanly constructed and accessible to all.

My thoughts

The blog page on this website tracks my experiences and learnings as I continue my work. The comments will always be general and will not be linked to any specific client.